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IGCSE ICT (0417) Updated Topics

Cambridge IGCSE ICT final exams has three (3) papers. Paper 1 (Theory) Paper 2 (Practical) Paper 3 (Practical)

Interestingly, there are 21 topics that you need to be taught in ICT so as to be better prepared to write the final exams in IGCSE 0417 ICT.

Below are the topics:

  1. Types and components of computer systems
  2. Input and output devices
  3. Storage devices and media
  4. Networks and the effects of using them
  5. The effects of using IT
  6. ICT applications
  7. The systems life cycle
  8. Safety and security
  9. Audience
  10. Communication
  11. File management
  12. Images
  13. Layout
  14. Styles
  15. Proofing
  16. Graphs and charts
  17. Document production
  18. Data manipulation
  19. Presentations
  20. Data analysis
  21. Website authoring

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This contains a breakdown of igcse syllabus


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