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School Management System

ICT APPLICATION: School Management Systems (School Information System)

Rather than use lots of different systems to manage data such as pupil information or student timetables, many schools use a School Management System or a School Information System(SIS). This is a system that manages all of a school’s data in a single application. Some ways that School Management Systems are used are

  • To decide how to spend a training budget to keep teachers up to date
  • To decide whether a new teacher should be employed

Schools have to manage many different sets of data:

  • Pupil information (name, contact details, etc.)
  • Staff information (name, bank details for pay, etc.)
  • Timetable (rooms, times, subject, staff, classes, etc.)
  • Pupil attainment (marks, grades, comments, etc.)
  • Pupil behavior (dates, incidents, notes, etc.)
  • Administration data (letters, forms, etc.)
  • Financial records (wages, fees, etc.)
  • Exam entries  (times, dates, pupils, results, etc.)

School Management System


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