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data handling application


Even if you don’t work for a huge business, It can be useful to use computers to keep track of data.

Data that is stored on a computer (as opposed to data written on paper) can be easily:

  • organised / sorted in different ways
  • displayed / printed in a variety of styles and layouts
  • searched for specific things
  • updated – adding / changing / deleting items
  • backed-up – a copy can be made with just a few clicks
  • stored / moved – a memory stick is much smaller than a cupboard full of paper!

What we can store on the Computer:

  • Your Address Book
  • Club / Society Records
  • Results of Surveys
  • Sales Records
  • School Reports
  • School Library Database



  • for many people
  • handed out/ posted on website
  • filled by ticking/ shading boxes

Online : using radio button

Paper survey : using OMR

Radio Button Example

OMR Example

Advantages of survey

  • OMR (will be read by the OMR scanner and result will be sent to database) :
  • faster to get result
  • fewer errors
  • easier to do statistical analysis

Online survey :

  • no data preparation needed
  • result would be sent directly to a database for analysis

Address List

Computer, tablets and phones are all used to store information such as people’s home address, phone numbers & email address.

Have the following features:

  • can organize records into groups (family, friends, work colleagues)
  • search by name, grouping, and so on

club and society records

Keep records of their membership in the database such as:

  • membership number
  • name
  • payment details
  • personal details
  • interest
  • etc.

advantages of club and society records

  • Search by group, interest, etc.
  • automatically contact members by using email, mail merge, flyers or letters
  • check membership subscription and send reminders
  • save space
  • less expensive, not easy to lose, less time consuming to search compared to paper-based records

school reports

Database that keep data on the performance of all students in school.

A typical database for this application is:

  • Students ID
  • Students name
  • Class
  • Term 1 Grade
  • Term 1 Attendance
  • Term 1 Notes

advantages of school reports

  • easily track student’s performance
  • quicker and easier to write student’s report
  • automatically find the names and addresses of parents to sent reports by using mail merge


  • less office space would be required since no paper records will need to be kept
  • quicker and easier to find details of particular item
  • less expensive since it wouldn’t be necessary to employ somebody to do all the filling and searching
  • fewer errors since no manual checking of paper files would need to be done.
  • data can be updated, organised, sorted and searched in different ways.
  • data can displayed or printed in different formats.
  • data can be backed up or moved using storage media.


  • need to buy a computer and software to run the system
  • time and effort would be required initially to transfer all the existing paper files to the database.
data handling applications: surveys
Data handling applications: surveys


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