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A Levels Topical Past Questions

A Levels IT 9626 Topical Past Questions

Compiled CAIE A Level IT 9626 topical questions for examinations from 2017 – 2020 and more | A Levels IT 9626 Topical Past Questions

Candidates for Cambridge International AS Information Technology study the following topics 1–10.

  1. Data, information, knowledge and processing
  2. Hardware and software
  3. Monitoring and control
  4. eSafety and health and safety
  5. The digital divide
  6. Using networks
  7. Expert systems and other types of processing
  8. Spreadsheets
  9. Database and file concepts
  10. Sound and video editing

Candidates for Cambridge International A Level Information Technology study topics 1–10 and the following topics 11–19.

  1. Emerging technologies
  2. Role and impact of IT in society
  3. Networks
  4. Project management
  5. System life cycle
  6. Graphics creation
  7. Animation
  8. Mail merge
  9. Programming for the web

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A Levels IT 9626 Topical Past Questions


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